The Calendar


Important Dates:

  • 5759 – Sonne is born
  • 5770 – Ishma is born
  • 5856 – Azaroth is born
  • 5859 – Aedus is born
  • 5863 – Arthiel and Ruenis are born
  • 5865 – Drogo is born
  • 5884 – Invasion of Damarant by drows. A shorter route is discovered to the fabled continent of beast-folk. Colonizing journeys start. The elven exodus begins to Eden Talath. The demi-god of Vampires attempts to wake from slumber, but is twarthed by a group of corageous youths.
  • 5889 – Strange incidents of Neothilids rising to the upper caverns. The starts align to bring nightmares. A Spawn of the Dark Spawn approaches Ranshavar and seeks to devour its habitants. Three meteorite impacts bring space abominations: Akata, Astradaemons and a Star Spawn of cthulhu. The impacts destroy nearby villages, provoke a tsunami and change the short term climate of the world. The party decides to claim a destroyed settlement by the tsunami who previously belonged to lizardfolk cultists. They name their new kingdom Ellidar.
  • 5890 – On the wild lands, rumors arise of a group of necromancers seeking to release Lich Queen Morud-Atull from her Catacombs.

Festividades en Ellidar:
Blossoming – 15 de Ornaus
Owl Festival – Tercer Oro de Ellian.
Kordimpiadas – 23 de Zagall
Foundation Day – 5 de Farland
Día de los Ancestros – 10 de Aldai

Fechas de Nacimiento:
Klemenz 5709
Tharil 5827
Azaroth 5856
Rebecca 5858
Nina 5859
Primera Campaña 5884
Calamity 5889
Moradul 5890

Ranshavar Calendar

360 days divided in 12 months of 30 days each, with 7-day weeks.
1 moon with a cycle of 12 days.


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The Calendar

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